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Vrindavan Heritage Yatra

City Pick-up Point Time
Amritsar 201, Hare Krishna Movement, Shastri nagar, lawrance rd, Amritsar 07:00 AM
Jalandhar PAP Chowk, 08:30 AM
Ludhiana Sherpur Chowk-Boarding Zone 09:15 AM
Ambala Healing Touch Hospital 11:00 AM
Panipat Toll Plaza 01:00 PM

Yatra Details

The scriptures glorify Sridham Vrindavan as the chief of all holy places. It is said, if one visits Vrindavan he receives the benefit of visiting all the holy places in the universe.

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir invites you to be a part of Vrindavan Heritage Yatra.

This Yatra will begin from Amritsar on Saturday Morning.

For more details contact- 82829 82826

  1. 4 Days and 3 Nights Package Tour
  2. ₹ 6,000/- only for an all inclusive package
  3. Only Pickup and Drop : ₹ 3,600/- (With Breakfast and Lunch during travel between Amritsar and Vrindavan)

Pilgrimage Registration

For more details contact - 8282982826 / 9871082050. E-mail-