Sadhus are highly revered in our Indian culture and tradition. Vrindavan is a holy land where many sadhus reside, desiring to spend the rest of their lives in the service of the Lord. They lead a simple and austere life engaging themselves in devotional activities. The sadhus of Vrindavan have surrendered to Lord Krishna, they perform bhajans and kirtans in temples. We can also find them circumambulating the entire Vrindavan Dham. They generally do not have a fixed accommodation and are dependent on the kindness of devotees for their sustenance. As these sadhus are very dear to the Lord, we consider it our duty to serve them.

Srila Prabhupada desired that no one within a ten-mile radius of a Hare Krishna centre should go hungry. Inspired by this great vision, we are providing fresh, hot and nutritious meals everyday to the sadhus in Vrindavan through our AnnaSri program. More than 500 sadhus are currently receiving prasadam in Kesi Ghat, Gyan Gudri, and other areas in Vrindavan. Our feeding initiative is helping them continue their spiritual pursuits without having to worry about their next meal.

We request you to come forward and contribute liberally to sadhu seva. Your donations will be of great service to the devotees of the Lord. May Lord Krishna shower his abundant blessings on you and your family.

Click on the link below to sponsor nutritious food for a Sadhu on a monthly basis