Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir celebrated Govardhan Puja on 26 October, 2022 with much grandeur. A cake weighing more than 120 kgs was prepared as a replica of the Govardhan Hill. Devotees circumambulated the Govardhan amidst ecstatic kirtans and bhajans. Gau puja was performed to cows and calves of our Surabhi Gaushala. They were offered 108 varieties of food preparations on this occasion. This was followed by an elaborate aarti to Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra and Giriraj Govardhan. Sri Bharatarshabha Dasa gave an enlivening spiritual discourse on Krishna's Govardhan lila. The event concluded with the distribution of Govardhan cake and prasadam to all the assembled devotees.