Milk and milk products are important food ingredients for the humanity. Cow’s milk is considered the most miraculous and nutritious food for the human body. The cows deliver five products and all of them are pure and important. The five products received from the cow are milk, curd, ghee, cow dung and urine. Milk can be transformed into curd, butter and ghee. By combining the milk and milk products with grains, hundreds and thousands of delicacies can be prepared as seen in our Indian culture especially during festivals. Even the cow dung and urine have medicinal values. Cow dung has antiseptic properties and is considered a purifying agent. Cow dung can be used as a fertilizer and also be dried and used as fuel. And bulls are very important for agriculture and can be trained to carry loads to help in various activities. Hence it is very important for us to protect the cows and the bulls. Here in our Surabhi goshala in Vrindavan, the best possible care is provided to these bovines. They graze on the fresh grass and the sweet hay that is readily available here. Our cows are not tied in chains and roam freely inside the large cowshed. A well-trained team of cowherd men take care of all their needs – fodder, water and keeping the cowshed immaculately clean etc.. We also carry out regular medical checkup of the cows by a certified veterinarian. Due to such an amazing care, our cows look the most healthy and happy. Preserving the drastically declining indigenous cattle breeds of India is one of our objectives. Accordingly, all the cows in our goshala are of native Indian breed only.