Gau seva is an integral aspect of our Vedic heritage and culture. In our country, cows are not only protected but also revered and worshipped. Our Vedic scriptures state that all the devatas reside in a cow's body. Hence, the cow is considered to be divine and regarded as a mother.     
We have set up a spacious Gaushala on our campus for cow protection. It is named after the Surabhi cows that are tended by Krishna in Goloka. We have about 200 cows and calves who are happily residing here. We have arranged shelter to native breeds like Gir, Sahewal, and Gangatiri.
We use a blend of traditional knowledge and modern scientific methods in our cow protection program. A dedicated team of well-trained members works tirelessly to ensure that the residents receive the best care and comfort. These cows and calves are fed three times a day with well-planned nutritious feeds like green fodder, dry fodder, and specially made preparations from wheat and other grains mixed with jaggery. The cows move around freely in this vast space and graze on the fresh, green grass. We have designated areas for calves, pregnant cows, milking cows and oxen. The milk produced by our cows is fed first to their calves. The cowherds use the remaining milk to make dairy products like yogurt, butter, cheese and ghee. These items are used in the temple kitchen for cooking a variety of preparations and offered to Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra, the presiding Deities of Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir. We aspire to further expand our services to Gaumata, extend the shelters and grazing areas. We want many more cows to find their home in Surabhi Gaushala and live the rest of their lives here peacefully.