Distribution of food is considered the greatest of all deeds. We believe in the philosophy of providing abundant  food for all. We are planning to construct feeding infrastructure with the objective of serving food to local residents, sadhus, pilgrims and tourists. We will set up Annadaan hall, food distribution counters and kitchens with equipment for mass cooking. Food will be served in two locations in the temple complex. Rice cooked with lentils and fresh vegetables will be distributed in a leaf cup to all the visitors throughout the day, while full meals will be served in Annadaan hall. Apart from the spiritual benefits, this will help people travelling to or from long distances satiate their hunger and continue their journey peacefully. The economically disadvantaged community will also benefit from our Annadaan program. 
The Annadaan hall will be furnished with tables and chairs for food distribution. The pilgrims and visitors who come to the temple will be served sumptuous meals everyday.  Food counters will be set up where every visitor will receive one serving of wholesome food in a leaf cup. The counters will be strategically located near the exit points to facilitate easy access to food and movement of the crowd. A kitchen will be constructed exclusively for the preparation of food to be served at these individual food counters.