What is unique about Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir?

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir is poised to become the tallest, grandest and largest religious structure in India with a footprint of about 5 acres and height of about 700 feet (210 metres or 70 floors). It will be surrounded by the 12 recreated look-alike verdant forests of ancient Vrindavan. The temple will be an effervescent platform and vibrant with cultural, spiritual and social services throughout the year. This iconic architecture will aid in reviving the past glories of Indian heritage.

What is the importance of Holy Dham?

Dhama means Lord's transcendental abode on earth and is non-different from the Lord's eternal abode in the spiritual world. In fact, it is an exact replica. Pilgrimage to holy places is one of the age old rituals in Indian culture. The mundane material vision will see dhama as any other place on earth, but to the pure devotees and perfect yogis, the dhama is a completely spiritual abode saturated with its own transcendentally surcharged atmosphere. Through the centuries, devotees have been paying respect to holy places of worship. Among the thousands of places of worship, some are significant due to the historical and spiritual reasons of its existence.

How will my support or contribution benefit the project?

Through your support and contribution you will help the temple to achieve its spiritual and social aspirations.
People who associate with this temple get an opportunity to get associated with the Vedic knowledge and cultural elements, participate in the cultural events which are centred around our spirituality. We want to people to come and learn some of the aspects of Krishna’s philosophy; and go back to their homes and work places to lead a more enlightened, a more enriched and a more sublime life.

It is also our intent that the project should become the source and support for social intervention programmes in Braj like providing mid-day meal to the economically challenged children of Braj, initiate welfare programmes for the widows of Vrindavan, restore, up-grade and rejuvenate the important sites of Braj where Lord Sri Krishna performed his pastimes, restore River Yamuna to her original and pristine glory, and constructing Goshala for cow protection which is an important element of the Braj heritage.