Govinda Ghosh was one of the three brothers Govinda, Vasudev and Madhav, who were all dear associates of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu. According to Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika (188), Sri Govinda Ghosh is a sakhi named Kalavati in Goloka Vrindavan, who beautifully sings songs composed by Srimati Vishakha Sakhi. Govinda Ghosh, in Mahaprabhu’s lila as well, was a celebrated singer with melodious voice. He, along with his brothers, was present in the kirtans at Srivas Angan, in the kirtan party which went to the Kazi’s house, in the kirtan’s at Raghav Pandit’s house and in the 4th sankirtan party during Rathayatra, the main dancer of which was Vakreshwar pandit.

He was also present in the party which accompanied Mahaprabhu on his journey to Vrindavan. Once, during the travel, Mahaprabhu wanted some Haritaki, a mouthfreshner, after his lunch. Govinda immediately gave one Haritaki to Mahaprabhu. ( Knowing that he sometimes saved some Haritaki for later, Mahaprabhu got upset and said that he should remain at that place and establish a deity and worship Him. This was done by the Lord just to instruct the sadhakas that one should not hoard anything, having faith that Krishna will provide for all our necessities. Although greatly distressed, Govinda followed the instructions of the Lord and stayed at Agradwip. There he established the deity of Gopinath in accordance with Mahaprabhu’s directions. He then got married and also had a son. He, along with his family always engaged in affectionately serving Gopinath.

However, by the Lord’s will his wife and son soon passed away leaving him in great distress. Due to intense grief, he was unable to worship Gopinath for a few days. One day Gopinath told him that it was unfair to starve one son to death due to separation from another. Hearing this Govinda Ghosh told Gopinath that he had hoped that his son would perform his last rites upon his departure from this world. Gopinath reassured him that he would himself perform the last rites for Govinda. Govinda Ghosh felt great bliss and immediately got up to serve the Lord.

In due course of time, when Govinda Ghosh left this world on this auspicious day after instructing the devotees to not burn his body but rather bury his body near Dolaprangan, Gopinath took kusha grass in his fingers and performed the last rites for his dear devotee. This practice is continued even today. Sri Govinda Ghosh ki jai. Sri Sri Radha Gopinath ki jai