Annadan Seva

Perform the supremely auspicious Annadan Seva by helping us serve full meals to pilgrims and accrue unlimited spiritual credits.

100 Meals ₹4000
500 Meals ₹20,000
1000 Meals ₹40,000
2000 Meals ₹80,000
5000 Meals ₹200,000

Kambal Seva

It will be winter at Allahabad during the Kumbh. Participate in the noble endeavour of providing free blankets to those in need.

10 Blankets ₹3000
25 Blankets ₹7500
50 Blankets ₹15,000
100 Blankets ₹30,000

Adhyatma Vidyadan Seva

Lord Krishna wanted His message to be spread. Help in distributing books of Srila Prabhupada to pilgrims. Help fulfil Lord Krishna's wishes.

10 Persons ₹1000
25 Persons ₹2500
100 Persons ₹25,000
250 Persons ₹100,000

Bhandara Seva

Help us in serving free leaf-cups (Donas) of Prasadam to pilgrims at the Kumbh and accrue the great credits of serving food to pilgrims.

100 Donas ₹500
500 Donas ₹2500
1000 Donas ₹5000
2000 Donas ₹10,000
50000 Donas ₹25,000

Yatri Nivas Seva

Helps us accommodate pilgrims at our Tent City Attract the blessings of the Lord and the goodwill of the pious hearted pilgrims.

10 Yatris ₹4000
25 Yatris ₹5000
50 Yatris ₹10,000
100 Yatris ₹20,000

80G Income Tax Benefit Available for all Kumbh Mela Donations

Yajman Sevas are precious opportunities of providing pilgrims at the Kumbh Mela essential services like food, stay and warm blankets.

Your contribution will support our large scale welfare activities like serving Prasadam throughout the day, providing free stay facilities, give out warm blankets as well as giving spiritual guidance to masses of people.

As a token of our appreciation for your generous contributions we will offer you:

  • A comfortable Family Tent for your family to stay at the Kumbh Mela
  • Exclusive Dining Facilities
  • Assistance in visiting Trveni Sangam for bathing on days of Shahi Snan and other special days
Shahi Snan
Kumbh Mela
Kumbh Mela
Kumbh Mela

80G Income Tax Benefit Available for all Kumbh Mela Donations


Offer any Annadan Seva for Kumbh Mela. Avail special facilities at our Tent CIty.

The charity of offering food is considered to be the highest charity a man can perform.

gaja turaga sahasram gokulam koti danam kanaka rajatha patram methini sagarantham upaya kula vishuttam koti kanya pradanam nahi nahi bahu danam annadanam samanam

'Annadanam, the feeding of hungry, is far superior to donating thousands of elephants and horses or donating ten million cows or donating any number of vessels of silver and gold or donating all land till the sea or offering services of the entire clan or even arranging the marriage of a crore girls.'

Annadan Mukhya Yajaman
₹ 11 Lakhs
Annadan Shiromani
₹ 5 Lakhs
Annadan Yajaman
₹ 3 Lakhs
Annadan Sadhak
₹ 2 Lakhs
Annadan Sevak
₹ 1 Lakhs